To continue its effort and ensure rapid deployment of environmentally sound CCS, Bellona is running the Bellona Environmental CCS Team, – BEST, a partnership with leading European energy and technology companies.

Bellona’s experience shows that the three keys to success in driving the political decision-making process forwards are: partnership with progressive industrial players, knowledge-leadership and political leadership. The Bellona Environmental CCS Team (BEST) will develop activities in all three areas.

Key elements of the program
The creation of national roadmaps for CCS deployment, an analysis program to provide knowledge-leadership within key scientific aspects of CCS and public awareness-raising.

ZEPheraring on CCS in the European Parliament

Relevance of BEST
Several important milestones for CCS in the EU have already been achieved. The European Parliament has endorsed the new directive on CO2 storage, and mechanisms for funding CCS demonstration projects have been established through the New Entrants Reserve Programme (NER) and the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR). But several challenges still remain before CCS becomes a commercially viable technology. The biggest challenge is now to ensure that the directive is implemented in laws and regulations in Member States. This only adds to the challenge of financing CCS demonstration projects. The NER and EERP financing mechanisms will not cover the full cost, and funding from industry and Member States are also required to ensure that the demonstration projects are fully financed. BEST will address this challenge and contribute to successful political decisions in selected countries to accelerate CCS deployment. By doing so BEST will pave way for a commercial market for CCS and contributing to reaching GHG emission reduction targets.

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